Top Henna Tips

1. Rub Ultrabalm or Ultra Bland around the hairline area to avoid staining your skin. Adding paprika or red wine to your henna mixtures can give richer reds, while brewed coffee, cinnamon and clove can give a deeper brown. Get creative!

2. If by chance you don’t like the color (because you didn’t do the strand test like we told you!), don’t try to bleach it out, because bleach opens the hair’s cuticles, forcing the henna in deeper and making it even harder to remove.

3. Henna can diminish the effects of perming solution, so if you want permed, hennaed hair, get the perm first and apply henna later.

4. You can build up really deep color by using our Cacas as often as you fancy. Applying it for three days in a row gives you color and shine that lasts for weeks.

5. Don’t be afraid to mix Cacas together to get the color you desire. Caca Rouge and Caca Marron combine for different tones of red, while adding a dash of Caca Marron to Caca Brun can give a hint of auburn.