Solid Shampoo Bars

Shampoo bar inventor Mo Constantine’s dislike for over-packaging was an inspiration for these clever little nuggets. Packed into just one shampoo bar is the same number of washes that you’d get from three 250g bottles of your everyday liquid shampoo, and better still, there is no need for any preservatives. But Shampoo Bars are not just a bright spark invention for planet saving, they make travelling simple. Next time you go away on holiday, be sure to pack one of these, and you won’t get hassled by any grumpy security people, or have any leaks in your stow-away.
The Shampoo Bar, though, is most at home in a packed and muddy music festival, it will not only keep your hair squeaky clean but you can also use it to wash the mud out of your mucky trousers and soggy socks. Our customers have even been known to wash their pooches with them too when they decide that puddles are for sitting in. (Although officially we don’t recommend this).