Stop - It's Shower Time!

We know not everyone has a bathtub, or the time to bathe, or the desire to (that last one is lost on us).


So for those who prefer to do it standing up, we’ve created a range of products that make shower-time just as fun, relaxing, uplifting and skin-softening as bath time can be. We’ve got Shower Jellies (jiggly soaps), Shower Scrubs to exfoliate and soften you up, an array of gorgeously scented Shower Gels and Shower Smoothies, which are whipped-up creamy concoctions to cleanse and soften skin. We do solid bars of Body Butters to use in the shower, for those of you who want supple, hydrated skin without the time commitment. Our latest edition to the shower range is Ro's Argan Body Conditioner, Rowena's stroke of genius that has our skins singing. And, of course, we’ve got bars of soap that will blow you out of the water (hopefully not literally).

So thanks to us at LUSH, you can look forward to shower-time, revel in shower-time, and maybe even share shower-time with a friend. Water you waiting for? It's shower time!