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Words From Our Mothers

We know how hard it is to find time for a luxurious LUSH fix some days; it’s even harder with little ones to care for too. We’re lucky to have so many hardworking mum’s as part of the LUSH team who somehow manage to carve out time for themselves, in some very inventive ways.


Convenient Distractions

“To keep my twin toddlers busy while I have a shower, I pop them in a playpen filled with balls. It’s our at-home ball pit that keeps them busy and happy while I indulge in a quick five minute shower with all my favorite LUSH products.”

– Loranda, Copy Writer


Travel with Benefits

"Working for LUSH as a recruiter I travel frequently. I take advantage of those nights away in a hotel to take a bath, watch a movie, or meet up with friends, so that when I am home, I can be completely absorbed in my family. Lucky for me my down time is built into my work schedule!"

– Brynn, Talent Resource Team



LUSH In A Hurry

"I'm always in a hurry which is something I have evidently passed on to my 20 month old thus very little of my getting ready time is actually spent getting ready. Enter LUSH, Ultrabalm, Breath of Fresh Air and No Drought get me and my sanity out the door most mornings"

– Jen, Web Designer




The Great Escape

"After the kids have gone to bed, or first thing on a weekend morning I sneak off to a hot yoga class. Not only is this revitalizing and provides some solitude to my day, but really makes me sweat! Follow that up with Happy Hippy in the shower, and my sanity is restored. Bring on the dirty diapers...”

– Erika, Retail Marketing



What Makes It All Worthwhile

“It was at the very moment that my newborn daughter’s face first touched mine, that I finally understood my mother. A lifetime of memories came to me in a flurry as I remembered what I called her “craziness” (roughly translated: her unending love and support for me). I get it now, mom… I get it.”

– Shama, Environmental Officer