LUSH from A - Z: 26 Interesting Facts

A is for Animal testing

We much prefer to test our products on humans instead. After all, how can a bunny tell you his skin feels nice after using a particular shower gel?

B is for Black Pots

Our pots are made from recycled plastic. You can bring 5 pots back to the shops in exchange for a free Fresh Face Mask.

C is for Compounders

This is the name we give to all of the fantastic people in the LUSH kitchens who make our products by hand.

D is for dealing Directly with Suppliers

We like to visit our suppliers and growers in person. That way we can build relationships, make sure they're getting a fair deal and help the local community by giving something back to them too.

E is for Ethical Buying

We live our ethics in everything we do: including buying.

F is for Fair Trade

We try to use and buy Fair Trade where possible. Our organic Fair Trade cocoa butter from the Dominican Republic is absolutely spectacular on the skin.

G is for Good Value

Rather than spending our money on packaging, we prefer to buy the best quality ingredients we can so that you get the best value for your money.

H is for Hand Made

We believe in happy people making happy soap. We prefer human power to drive our business, not machines.

I is for Innovation

The new inventions and creations that are dreamt up in the LUSH labs mean that sometimes we have to find rare and exotic essential oils. It's a very rewarding challenge.

J is for Journeys

Our visits to meet our suppliers and growers take us all over the world. From Vancouver to Indonesia, Morocco, Japan - you name it, we've probably been there.

K is for Knot-Wrap

We gift wrap your selection of products with scarves made of organic cotton and recycled bottles. We'll save 12 tonnes of materials using Knot-Wrap.

L is for Lushopedia

Have a browse through Lushopedia, our very own online fountain on knowledge on every ingredient we put into our fresh handmade products.

M is for Made in Canada

We make all of our products in two factories (one on each coast) in Canada and send them fresh to our shops, or directly to you through mail order.

N is for Naked

By formulating products without water we can leave products naked, which not only reduces packaging, but also preservatives.

O is for Organic

We believe in using fresh and organic fruit and vegetables in our products, and when we use the word 'organic' it has an honest meaning beyond marketing.

P is for Product Donation

We love to help others in need. 100% of the proceeds (minus tax) of the Charity Pot go to grassroots organizations doing a world of good.

Q is for Quality Ingredients

Only the best ingredients are used to make products of the highest quality.

R is for re-wrap bags

Made by a group of women in India as part of a not-for-profit organization, we have helped raise enough money to build a new centre in Mysore with jobs and training. So far they have made over 100,000 bags for LUSH.

S is for Safe Synthetics

All of our synthetics started life as vegetable oils! We name ours, 'safe synthetics' as they have had a long history of safe use, and we believe that they are the best, and most effective ingredients to use.

T is for Turkish Rose Absolute

Our rose absolute purchases supports school projects in Turkey. In 2009 we bought 600kg of rose absolute, raising $20,500 for the charity.

U is for Unbelievable

In every product, an unbelievable amount of time, effort and love has gone into the sourcing of ingredients to make our inventions.

V is for Vegetarian and Vegan

Every product is 100% vegetarian and 81% are vegan.

W is for We Believe...

in making beautiful products by hand, putting our faces on our products and making our mums proud.

X is for Xtraordinary People

Throughout our company there are endless amounts of amazing people with tales to tell and stories to share.

Y is for Years

We've been doing all of this since we started business in 1995.

Z is for Zebras And the fact that none of them are harmed in the making of our products!