Adding That Little Bit of Glamour

Back in the days of Cosmetics To Go, the inventors were rather fond of creating innovative make-up and colour cosmetics. Rowena, in particular, has always been the leading light in inventing new make-up ranges for us (well she is incredibly glamorous so it kind of makes sense!)

When LUSH first started, we stuck to making fresh handmade cosmetics, like lovely things for the bath and shower, as well as skin and hair care. If you think about it, makeup often requires packaging -- and the creative team just didn't have the money to spend on packaging. It was much more sensible to stick to making naked products instead.

After a while though, the urge to invent colour cosmetics crept back in and Ro headed up a brand new project -- our sister company, B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful. 'B' was an exquisite emporium of makeup and perfumery -- a veritable Aladdin's cave of all things pretty and feminine.

Sadly, we had to close 'B' a few years back, as it just wasn't as popular as we hoped it would be. Ro was very keen to make sure we didn't lose all of those fantastic inventions though -- so little by little, colours have been subtly appearing on LUSH shelves for the very first time.

However, the inventors are sticking to the principles of LUSH with their makeup inventions. They avoid packaging where possible, preferring naked, unpreserved goodies instead; the products are all tested exclusively on humans (just like all of our other products) and of course, they are designed to help you maintain your naturally healthy, beautiful skin.

Try our beautiful, luscious Lip Tints, experiment with our Colour Supplements and coat your legs with a summery shimmer with our Solid Body Tints.