Nuts About Almonds!

We use scoops of sweet ground almonds in many of our skincare products because they create such a wonderful, gentle exfoliation.

We coarsely grind the almonds to create a soft, floury texture which gives a lovely polish to the skin, improving the tone, colour and texture. You can find ground almonds in our best-selling facial cleanser Angels on Bareskin and our most popular Body Butter, Buffy.

We also use almond butter in our products, which is made from raw or toasted almonds, blended to a creamy consistency. Almond butter has a gentle exfoliating action, but it is incredibly softening at the same time and is often recommended for dry skin. We use it where subtle exfoliation and softening are both required, like in our Handy Gurugu Hand Cream.

We obtain almond oil by cold-pressing the kernels. Ordinarily, heat would be applied to yield a higher quantity of oil. In cold-pressing however, it is extracted at cooler temperatures giving oil of a much higher quality. It is an emollient, demulcent and nutritious with a high vitamin E content. Smooth to apply, it leaves a silky feel to the skin. Almond oil is unscented and excellent for the skin.

We use cold-pressed, organic almond oil in our Enchanted eye cream. It leaves the skin silky smooth and is ideal for older skins due to its high vitamin E content. Cosmetic Lad and Skin's Shangri La facial moisturizers both contain cold pressed organic almond oil for its emollient and soothing qualities.