Breath of God Perfume

Two fragrances, one almighty breath

After an inspirational trip to Tibet, Simon created two distinct scents. Inhale was a light and airy breath of fresh air, with melon and cucumber top notes; Exhale was a deep and smoky musing on the incense of the temples. He combined the two to create Breath of God, a perfume that reflected light and dark by merging two scents that seemed impossibly at odds. Breath of God is a balance of fruity notes and incense; it suits both men and women and changes miraculously on the skin.

Simon: "When I returned from travelling, I began making two fragrances. One was rich in wood-smoke, heavy with amber and sandalwood inside the temples. The other fresh, clean like the air whistling across the nomadic grasslands. When both of these fragrances were finished, I realized that the first was heavily masculine, woody and resinous; the other took crisp cucumber notes mixed with neroli and bergamot and was altogether more feminine. I decided to chance mixing the two to see if they blended and the result was Breath of God, a balance of masculine and feminine."