Buying Fresh Handmade Soap in a LUSH Shop

When we started LUSH we made our soap in huge blocks then cut them to size depending on how much each customer wanted. We modeled it on the cheese counter system, which is why people used to take a look through the shop windows, walk in expecting to buy their lunch, then get a surprise as the scents assailed their noses. One of the reasons we did it was that the only moulds we could afford at the time were cat litter trays bought at pet shops. They were brand new of course; we believe in re-use and recycling but there is a limit! Now we make our own moulds and we use them over and over again, until they finally drop to bits, then they get recycled.

We would then wrap the pieces of soap in greaseproof paper (like the cheese counter again) for customers to carry home. Now that we can afford to wrap our soaps in expensive packaging, we still don’t do it! With our soap, like all our other lovely products, we prefer to spend our money on the ingredients: fresh fruit, lovely natural scents, sea salt, oatmeal and flowers, to name but a few. We also put a lot of work into developing our palm-free soap base, so we can avoid using palm oil. Ravaging the Indonesian rainforests to plant palms, destroying bio-diversity and making little Indonesia the world’s third biggest producer of CO2 is not something we want to help with. Our in-house activists have set up A.S.A.P. (Actively Seeking Alternatives to Palm) to encourage other companies to follow our lead. By all means, buy a bar of LUSH soap for its scent, its scrubbiness and its general loveliness. You might also like to bear in mind that it’s also helping to clean up our environment.