Charity Pot Hand and Body Lotion

Take everything you know about "charity products" and throw it out the window!

Yes, Charity Pot was invented as a vehicle for raising funds and giving back to our communities, but it was also created to be a luxurious and effective body lotion. We blend rich, Fair Trade cocoa butter with almond oil, geranium and ylang ylang for soft, smooth skin that smells of chocolate and fresh flowers. Who knew one little black pot could do so much?

"Charity Pot has to be one of the deepest and most penetrating moisturizers I have ever used. It's my go-to cream for a quick hand moisturizer especially during the winter months. I love the rich, soothing and calming scent of geranium and cocoa butter. And the best part is Charity Pot proceeds support many grass root charities. Great idea and a great product!"

-Francescaisfine from Pittsburgh, PA