Get Buttered Up!

Cocoa Butter

Unlike most fats, Cocoa butter is not greasy; it has a hard consistency and smells like chocolate. It can be used in combination with other butters to create rich blends. The butter is naturally softening on the skin, and is relieving when skin feels dry, itchy and tight.

In our solid massage bars, cocoa butter works with other natural ingredients, reacts to the temperature of the body and melts over the skin, making it supple and smooth. Our Body Butters contain a generous helping of this delicious butter too. In Buffy, the cocoa and Shea butters soften and nourish the skin, while the ground riche, aduki beans and almonds exfoliate and scrub dead cells away. We also use cocoa butter in our Luxury Bath Melts. As they melt in hot bath water, the butter disperses and the bath becomes a decadent treat, softening your skin and hair.

We also use cocoa butter in our Henna Hair Dyes, which is why they look are molded in blocks. Helen Ambrosen invented a clever new way of presenting henna hair dye; instead of a messy and difficult-to-control powder, our henna is blended with nourishing cocoa butter and other natural ingredients and pressed into blocks. This makes the product easier to display without packaging and has additional benefits: the cocoa butter conditions and lemon juice adds shine and helps to develop the color.

Shea Butter

Shea butter is high in vitamin A and contains oleic acid (omega monounsaturated fatty acid). Vitamin A (known as retinol) is said to help maintain a youthful appearance and healthy skin. Oleic acid is highly compatible with our skin and the sebum we naturally produce to protect our skin’s surface. It absorbs readily and aids the skin’s absorption of other active ingredients. Shea butter conditions hair, scalp and skin, and its structure is versatile enough to suit products ranging from our melt-in-your-hands massage bars to our conditioning shampoo bar Godiva.

In our massage bars, Shea butter creates a sensual slip when applied to the body, making it a massage you won’t soon forget. In our lip balms, Whipstick, Lip Service and Honey Trap, the butter conditions the lips and allows the absorption of its many beneficial qualities as well as those of the other active ingredients. We use Shea butter in our Prince Triple Orange Blossom shaving cream as it creates a wonderful glide to the cream and ensures a comfortable, soft shave. In our Imperialis facial moisturizer, Shea butter moisturizes skin and carries with it vitamins and fatty acids for a nourishing effect.