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How to Choose Your Color Supplement

The multitude of foundation colors on the market can make choosing yours, well, impossible! Abandon your Goldilocks quest and try our mineral-free Color Supplements. They can be worn on their own as a foundation, dabbed on spots or mixed with your moisturizer to create the perfect shade. Not sure which one to use? Consider the following questions before making your choice:

 What are you using the color supplement for?

If you need it to cover up spots, then choose a lighter color than your skin type and blend well. If you’re using it as a foundation mixed with your moisturizer, go with a slightly darker color.

 Do you have warmer or cooler skin undertones?

Generally speaking, if you have pale skin and burn easily in the sunlight, you have a cooler undertone and should choose a color supplement in the ‘pink’ range. If you have olive or dark skin and tan easily, you have warmer undertones! A yellow-based supplement will look most natural on you. Unless you’re using it to cover up a horrible tattoo, never test a color supplement on your wrist! Test your color on your jaw line in natural light.

 How do you like your color to look?

If you want your foundation to look more sheer, apply with a sponge. For more coverage, use a clean fingertip.