Dear John Perfume

Mark on Dear John:
"Through working on these fragrances I've learnt that perfume communicates far more powerfully than words, and of all the fragrances this talks the loudest. This fragrance smells manly, truly manly, as in a man who cares, looks after those he loves, and has confidence. This was the perfume that gave me the assurance to call myself a perfumer. With a warm citrus splash and strong coffee note, Dear John seems strange and familiar at the same time. With its unique coffee and lime blend it provides a sharp buss at first, which dries into a more subdued warmth. It took several years to perfect, starting life as a simple accord between pine and lime oil, then passing through a period of time as "wake up and smell the coffee" and then with more work suddenly getting personal. I hesitate to mention this but this fragrance has been known to create very powerful emotional responses. You have been warned."