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Dirty Decoded

Want to know how we knew that the Dirty range was going to be a hit? All of the product samples were being taken by the guys at LUSH headquarters before we could get our hands on them! Here are some of the men of LUSH with their Dirty reviews.

Dirty Shaving Cream

Nobody likes a hairy, scratchy face when the weather warms up! Dirty shaving cream is the perfect way to clean up your face and leave your chin looking sharp. We blend safflower oil, shea butter and oat milk to soothe irritations and reduce redness, sandalwood and lavender oils to tone the skin and add hint of honey for a smooth shave. Scented with another layer of the Dirty fragrance, Dirty Shaving Cream is a must have for clean, summer skin.

"I'm a financial guy, and I spend a lot of my days in meetings so the pressure is on to look professional and clean shaven. When I’m not at work I’m running or otherwise enjoying all of the outdoor activities that Vancouver has to offer. I may not look like it, but I love it Dirty. The shaving cream gives me a close shave, keeps razor burn at bay, and my wife loves the scent. No complaints from me. "

- Andy, CFO by day, urban outdoorsman by evenings and weekends

Dirty Hair Cream

Give your hair the Dirty look! (And we don’t mean skipping a shower or two). Dirty Hair Cream is a versatile firm-hold cream for those who love having a more “styled” look, thanks to loads of Fair Trade coconut oil, pine oil and rosemary infusion. Using it is easy; simply grab a dab of Dirty Hair Cream and sweep it through damp or dry hair. Work your fingers through from root to tip to achieve your desired style.

"You can call me an early-adopter of just about any gadget or technology- you should see my bathtub with the multiple jets, lightshow and built-in TV! I also love dirty celebrity gossip. When it comes to my hair, I like it simple and easy to style. I'd rather spend my time online looking for the next new thing than messing about getting ready. A quick swipe of Dirty through my hair and I'm ready to go... I'm not telling you where."

- Graham, Web guru and Dogfather to Kelly and Dixie

Dirty Springwash

When men (eventually) get around to taking a shower, we know they enjoy products that leave them feeling clean, fresh and smelling like a man. How else can you explain all those men’s products name after waterfalls and fighter jets? Step into the shower with Dirty for refreshing spearmint, deodorizing thyme and softening sea salt in a thick, cleansing lather. Dirty Springwash is the shower gel men love, and women love to steal.

"As an ‘ancient’ Director of Manufacturing (working with the founders for 23 years and with memories of Ice Blue Shampoo) I am surrounded by LUSH products and the phenomenal manufacturing staff all day long. My natural smell seems to be LUSH oriented as it’s soaked into me over all those years, but after a good tennis match, a long bike ride or run, a shower with Dirty gets me super fresh and ready for whatever comes my way. Summer is almost here so I'm looking forward to making my showers extra Dirty."

- Shaune, average height, English

Dirty Spray

For men who are always on the move, spray yourself fresh with our powerfully deodorizing Dirty body spray. Pack it in your bag and whether it's day or night and no matter how busy you are, the sandalwood, tarragon, lavender and spearmint will help to fight unwanted odors. Because it's one part of the complete range, you can freshen up quickly without adding another scent that may make matters worse. Add Dirty to dirty and you're good to go.

“Every day I ride my bike to work; rain, shine or even snow. This environmentally clean deed often leaves me feeling and smelling not so clean. Lucky, when I’m short on time I have the Dirty Body Spray to keep me fresh. Now my only problem is scheduling lunches with all the ladies!”

- Mark, Calculator Master and Bicycle Enthusiast