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Alternative Uses for Dusting Powders

We’ve been in love with our dusting powders ever since they arrived on the LUSH scene- not just because of their skin softening abilities and amazing fragrances. We love their multi-purpose nature, and so do our customers! Here’s what you had to say about getting creative with our powders:

When I put powder in my hair, it's great. My hair is fine and I actually do think it adds a bit of volume at the roots. I usually would do this if it's very hot out and I'm a dash sweaty and between running here and running a quick pick me up sort of thing when I don't have time for the full out. “

I sprinkle my dusting powders into my shoes, gym bag, around the carpet where my kitty's litter box is…”

With the dusting powders you can sprinkle them in your bed sheets on a hot night to help keep you dry.”

I use dusting powder as a carpet powder sometimes. I sprinkle the chosen powder on my rugs and then vacuum it up. It makes the room fresh and smelling good!”