Free Your Feet

Free your feetBut First…

Don’t get us wrong, we’re proponents of freeing your feet when the weather warms up. We just want to suggest maybe taking into consideration that your feet have been stuck in socks, slippers, shoes and boots all winter. Dry, cracked heels, rough bits on the sides of toes, toenails in need of brightening or plain old stinky feet could all benefit from some LUSH TLC before you jump into those sandals.

You could go all the way like we do, and give your winter-weary feet a soak with a Geo Phyzz Bath Bomb, then treat them to a deodorizing Volcano foot mask to truly deep cleanse, get them feeling soft and smelling fresh.

Stepping Stone, our pumice foot scrub made for softening heels and callouses, is also a good place to start. Our exfoliating Ocean Salt scrub will certainly help brighten your feet and polish off all the tough bits as well. Use Lemony Flutter on the toenails and cuticles to soften and brighten them, or use our pink peppermint Fair Trade Foot Lotion all over to freshen and moisturize your poor, tired dogs.

For daily up-keep, pepper some antibacterial T for Toes or The Greeench deodorant powders some into your socks, sandals or directly onto your feet to conquer the bacteria that cause stinky feet.

Really, you’ve got a lot to choose from when it comes to LUSH foot-care. If you still can’t decide where to start your foot reparation, walk those poor soles into one of our shops and we’ll be happy to help you!