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How to Choose Your Fresh Face Mask

Our inventors spent years formulating each of our Fresh Face Masks with the most effective ingredients possible for the widest range of skin types possible. So don’t sell yourself short and ignore their hard-earned knowledge! Take a few moments to figure out which mask fits your face. Consider the following statements and choose the most appropriate answer. Keep track of how many answers correspond to A, B or C and find out your results below!Fresh Face Masks

In the past, face masks have left my skin:

A-Feeling ‘not clean enough’ or covered in residue

B- Irritated, red or inflamed

C- Without any visible results!


I’d like my chosen face mask to:

A Deep clean, exfoliate and/or brighten my combination skin

B Moisturize my dry or sensitive skin without irritation

C Tighten pores and fine lines or decrease puffiness around the eyes


You would describe your skin as:

A – Breakout prone, oily or combination

B- Moderately to extremely sensitive or easily irritated

C-  Mature, dry or flaky


Mostly As
A face mask with absorbent clays will work best for your oily or combination skin. Exfoliation is important for pores that get clogged easily, as are deep cleaning essential oils like tea tree to pull out impurities.

Mostly Bs
For your sensitive skin, look for ingredients that have a calming effect on irritation, like oats, vanilla, honey, eggs and calamine. It’s important to avoid heavy exfoliation or stimulating oils like ginger, tea tree and witch hazel.

Mostly Cs
Tighten and firm the appearance of fine lines with ingredients like elderflower, witch hazel, fuller’s earth and gingko leaf. Citrus fruits and green tea add a refreshing boost that brightens up dull looking areas.