Get Ready for Spring

Fair Trade Foot Lotion & Stepping Stone

The sun has finally come out of hiding; it’s time to get outside! At LUSH, we can’t wait to start digging around in the garden, riding our bikes and hanging out by the beach (we’re lucky here in Vancouver). Spring also means paying attention to those parts of your body that get more exercise this time of year; hands and feet! To get keep your feet in beautiful condition, start by treating your soles to a soak in mango and cocoa butter infused waters with a You’ve Been Mangoed bath melt. Gently scrub away dead skin with Stepping Stone foot scrub, allowing the fresh lemongrass oil and fine sea salt to soften you up. Finish by massaging in a good dollop of Fair Trade Foot Lotion for smooth, minty feet! Don’t forget; your hands need a little love and care too. For getting rid of hard or calloused skin, we recommend rubbing our ginger and fennel Sugar Scrub between your hands. The sugar will slough away dead skin while the lavender oil soothes. Massage in Handy Gurugu, our thickest hand cream for dry, cracked hands. We blend four different kinds of nut butters with shea, rose oil and fresh lemon juice into Handy Gurugu to soften even the roughest hands-perfect for those with a green thumb! For those impossibly rough spots on hands or feet, try a dab of our vegan moisturizing balm; Ultrabalm.