Grass Shower Gel: It's Got It Growin' On!

Grass Shower GelFull of lots of lovely wheatgrass, which not only makes the color a glorious green (with a touch of chlorophyll too), but it also smells like you've just rolled around on a freshly mown lawn. The LUSH inventors have been incredibly inspired by nature recently; the forest, sea, sky, and even the earth. Well, you can’t have mud and no grass can you? And so Grass Shower Gel was born.

Wheatgrass is full of fantastically beneficial things; active enzymes, proteins, minerals, anti-oxidants and of course chlorophyll - so it was no surprise that Mark wanted to use this amazing ingredient for a new shower gel. Simon created a stunning fragrance called 'Ninja', full of Violet Leaf Absolute, Bergamot, Sandalwood and Neroli. When put together, you get the most addictively scented shower gel.


3 Fantastic Reasons to Reach for Grass in Your Shower:

1. Wheatgrass, if grown in rich soil, can pick up virtually a full range of minerals from the earth. It is nutritious, soothing and great for helping calm sore, sunburned or irritated skin

2. The base of the shower gel is pretty simple; water, wheatgrass and sea salt. As Mo would say, "Plain water is good enough for me!"

3. The Neroli in the fragrance is fabulous for lifting the spirits and putting you in a good mood