What Is Henna?

Henna or ‘Lawsonia inermis’ is a privet type bush that grows abundantly throughout the eastern countries. It has a natural, vibrant red color that also coats hair to add loads of shine.

Henna quality depends on which country it is grown in. LUSH uses the finest henna in the world, which is grown in Iran (Persia) and gives a vibrant red color. Obtaining Iranian henna is not simple, but we are lucky enough to have a supply line into the UK. We purchase it by the container load (a few tons at a time) to offer the finest possible henna to our customers.

Hennas have been used since 3400 BC and are well documented safe methods for dying hair (and skin). Hennas offer a safe alternative to coloring with commercial hair dyes. It can be modified with other ingredients like chamomile, rhubarb, coffee, and indigo to give different results to the hair.