How to Chou Chou

You've found that perfect outfit. You've redone your hair twice. The champagne's on ice. Tonight is the night!

Make sure your perfect pout is ready for kissing with these Rose Jam scented wonders. Crush one between your teeth, and brush with a wet toothbrush. Rinse and spit, and then marvel at your beautiful pearly whites.

We make our toothpaste into little solid discs. It means you can chuck a box into your bag and never have to worry about toothpaste-y explosions. The pack is completely recyclable, and you don't lose any product to unwieldy tubes. Goodbye silly old paste, hello swish little tabs!

With benzoin to protect your gums, lemon to clean your palate and rose to scent your breath, our clever tabs do all the work, so you can concentrate on the fun.