It's Raining Men!

Its Raining MenMichelle, LUSH product inventor was working on an Emotibomb with this name – and although it was a lovely idea, Mark thought it would be a good name for a shower gel instead. When Helen’s not inventing fabulous new LUSH products, you can find her watching drag queens lip-syncing to camp 70s classic hits on YouTube. Alright, so that’s not entirely true, but RuPaul’s version of The Weather Girls’ certainly inspired her to create this luxurious, honey and tropical flower shower wash.

During a trip to Taiwan, Noriko found some beautiful dried lotus flowers and dried orchids that she thought Helen could find a use for in one of her recipes. So she brought them back to the UK and Helen decided to put them in It’s Raining Men shower gel, made with 40% honey. They seemed to fit the flouncy, camp-ness of this little honey number!

Check the weather report - it's time to get absolutely soaking wet and lather up. Your partner won't be able to keep their hands off you once you've showered with this. In fact, we're pretty sure they'll be joining you in the shower as soon as they get a whiff of the gorgeous honey-scented steam coming from the bathroom.