Facial Moisturizers - Staff Picks!

Made with fresh ingredients, expertly formulated and highly effective; we think our moisturizers are among our inventors' finest work. But don't take our word for it! The LUSH copywriters popped down to the Robson Street and Metrotown stores here in Vancouver, British Columbia and asked our wonderful store staff what their can't-live-without moisturizers are. Here's what they had to say:

 Gina on Gorgeous:
 “I love Gorgeous because when I put it on in the morning it melts  smoothly into my skin.  The smell of it reminds me of fresh oranges and honey. By the end  of the day, my skin still  feels soft and matte. It’s perfect for the delicate areas around my  eyes, because my skin is  quite sensitive to ingredients. I love it, I couldn’t live without it!” 





 Nicola on Skin's Shangri La:
 “The fresh wheatgrass in Skin’s Shangri-La makes me feel like I’m really nourishing my  skin. It’s the most hydrating moisturizer I’ve used and my skin really drinks it up.”






 Danielle on Cosmetic Lad:
 "Cosmetic Lad saved my skin! The soothing orange blossom, aloe vera, chamomile and  marigold take away all my redness, while leaving just the right amount of moisture. It  soaks in fast, and smells like sweet tangerine! This one isn't just for the boys anymore!"






 Matty on Enzymion:
 “I love Enzymion for the summertime. All the fresh papaya makes sure my skin doesn’t get  too oily or greasy throughout the day. It’s really fresh and light on the skin.”






 Nicole on Vanishing Cream:
 “I have very oily skin, so Vanishing Cream is one I love to use- especially at night time. The  lavender balances the skin and makes me feel relaxed before going to bed.”






 Lisa on Enchanted Eye Cream:
 "Enchanted Eye Cream is a fairy tale end to puffy, tired eyes. I like to keep it in the fridge  and pop it under my eyes first thing in the morning, sorta like coffee for my tender eyeball  area. Shazam!"





 Avery on Celestial:
 “It’s fantastic for sensitive skin. It has a ton of almond oil for hydration, vanilla and dove  orchid extract which tones out of any redness you might have.”






 Rachael on Skin Drink:
 "There's a big difference between covering your skin with moisturizer and Skin Drink. All of  the lovely, nutritious ingredients work together as one to actually make each layer of skin  hydrated and healthy! Skin drink is an understatement, try Skin breakfast, lunch, dinner and  drinks!"





 Anton on Imperialis:
 “I love that it’s pink! And that when I wear it, it doesn’t feel like there’s anything on my skin, it  just gives me exactly what I need. I love the way it smells as well, very soft and fresh.”






 Niko on Full of Grace Facial Serum:
 "Massaging this solid bar into my skin before bed is easy, helps with my redness, and  gives me the moisture I need. It's packaging-free, a little goes a long way and it lasts  forever. What's not to love?"