More Than Marketing

People always ask us if the face stickers on our handmade products are a marketing gimmick. Our answer is "of course not!" The stickers are our stylized version of our compounder's photographs.

It's simple really; if you are one of the compounders, making LUSH goodies in the factory every day, then you get to stick your face on the pot.

We have certain 'favorites' who people always look out for. Often customers come into the shop and say 'Have you got any Ocean Salt made by Kris?' Or, 'I only like my Dream Cream to be made by Jack'.

Sometimes the face stickers do confuse people. They think that if the pot has a 'male' face sticker, then the product is only for blokes. Similarly, some LUSH 'lads' come in and won't buy a pot of Cosmetic Lad (even if they've bought it many times before!) if the face sticker is of one of our lady compounders -- they think it's for women only.

We love when LUSH fans treat our compounders like celebrities as they recognized their sticker face! Fair enough though, these guys and girls in the factory are real heroes -- making our beloved cosmetics, by hand, every day.