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Oct 10.15

Get It On, and Take It All Off

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I love make up. No, I adore make up. I've been playing with brightly colored hues on my lips, cheeks and eyes since I was a child, and have always considered it a medium for self-expression. Twiggy today, Cleopatra tomorrow! (You can imagine my absolute delight when we launched our Emotional Brilliance line this summer.) After all of that experimentation, I've learned one very important lesson: you need a remover to thoroughly cleanse and remove makeup without causing irritation.

Your mother has probably warned you never to sleep with make up on, but have you considered why?

It's because your body temperature naturally rises while you sleep, dilating your pores and allowing whatever is on your face to 'sink in'. Our skin needs time to breathe and just be clean, especially if you're an avid make up fan. Learning how to remove your make up can be just as challenging as applying it-unless you have effective soap-free cleansers like Ultrabland and 9 to 5!


Mark Constantine invented Ultrabland over thirty years ago, and to this day, he calls it "the most recommended skincare product. A LUSH staple."

He used an ancient recipe for an all-purpose salve that includes rose water, almond oil and honey to gently cleanse the skin with minimal aggravation and maximum effectiveness. If you're suffering from problem skin, Mark has often said to use nothing but Ultrabland for a month to sort things out. (I've personally put this adage to the test and experienced very positive results.) It can be used for daily cleansing, but its best work is done as a make up remover. I use a small dollop (about the size of a grape) to cover my entire face in a generous coating of Ultrabland. Normally I wash my face as quickly as possible- but not with Ultrabland. I love massaging the thick, buttery cream into my skin. The beeswax and honey base effortlessly grabs dirt, oil, and make up, and is easily removed with a wet warm face cloth. I finish with a spritz of Eau Roma toner water and a cotton pad to remove any excess cleanser. My skin is left smooth, clean, comfortable and literally glowing.

For those of you with oh-so-sensitive skin, enter 9 to 5.

Made with almond and dove orchid oils to soothe and moisturize, ylang ylang and everlasting flower absolute, this creamy cleanser is gentle enough for all skin types. Mark invented 9 to 5 in the very early days of LUSH and called it 'Orchid Cream Cleanser'. It was so popular for its hydrating, gentle formula that customers from over twenty years ago were still regularly requesting it. Using 9 to 5 is easy! Simply smooth a pea-sized amount over your makeup and wipe away with a warm face cloth to effectively take the (working) day away.

So don't be afraid to play with neon colors, add that extra coat of mascara or experiment with pink glitter (we won't judge!). You can gently, effectively wash it all away with one of our fresh, effective, soap-free cleansers. And if you're not sure which one is perfect for you, simply pop by your local LUSH for a skincare consultation, or to receive a sample to try at home.