Say Goodbye to Unwanted Preservatives and Packaging

Liquid soap comes in all kinds of fancy packaging. Usually they'll come in a pump dispenser that uses up to three different kinds of plastic plus a metal coil. That's seriously difficult to recycle. Although the bottle can be put in the recycling box, the pump will definitely end up in the landfill. On average a person goes through about 3.5 bottles of liquid soap to wash their hands in a year. You may think that's not a lot, but is the equivalent of a pint of crude oil. By using our soap, you can take it away with no packaging, and reduce items going to landfill!

What's more our soaps have a palm-free base. Palm oil was used as a vegetarian alternative to animal fat. However over recent years palm oil is in such high demand that it is now not sustainable to continue using. Palm oil plantations cause severe deforestation, problems for indigenous populations and the animals that live there.

Cosmetic companies are responsible for approximately 7% of the world's palm oil usage. In 2007, we felt that it was time for us to re-invent our vegetable soap base and make it palm oil-free. This would stop us from using approximately 250,000kg of palm oil a year. It was a very ambitious task and we've had to work hard to get the formula right, but now you can wash in peace knowing your soap base is palm oil free!