Shampoo, Naked

At LUSH, we don't like preservatives. They are designed to kill stuff, so we're always finding ways to avoid them. When we do have to use them, we use the smallest possible amount. Our bottles and potted products have a shelf life of only 14 months, whereas other cosmetics will have a shelf life of up to five years!

The majority of liquid shampoos available on the market are mostly made up of water, surfactants and other chemicals, fragrance, preservatives and plastic bottle and a lid. The obvious reason why traditional shampoo needs to come bottled in plastic in because it's liquid! We asked ourselves -"What if we took the water out and made it solid? Would we then be able to eliminate the plastic bottle?" The answer we found was a resounding YES.

Because our shampoo bars contain no water, they are highly concentrated. You can get between 80 and 100 hair washes out of one bar, making it the equivalent of two to three liquid shampoo bottles. So, when you buy a shampoo bar, you're preventing about 75 grams of plastic from being introduced into the environment. Since we sell nearly 1,800,000 bars all over the world, we collectively save around 135 tons of plastic every year!