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What’s a Shower Jelly?


Shower Jellies were released in 2005 to celebrate LUSH’s 10th birthday, because it’s tradition in England to have ice cream and jelly at birthday parties. LUSH co-founder and product inventor Mark Constantine wished to make a product he could easily travel with and use frozen (if he travelled somewhere hot). Shower Jellies can be used both cold (keep it in the freezer to chill) and at room temperature, and their “jiggle” factor leaves you entertained while the soap factor leaves you clean and soft. Based on Scandinavian bathing practices, the hot-cold stimulus is great for improving muscle tone, boosting circulation and improving skin texture. Jellies are ideal to use as a cooler in hot, steamy weather, and are absolutely lovely year round as a fun, mood-enhancing soap. If you have trouble coaxing your children into the tub, bring out one of these jiggly soaps and they’ll be fighting over who gets to wash first!