Get Your Scrub On

You’ve been asking for a sugar scrub for years, but we really wanted to do it right so it took LUSH product inventor Rowena a while to get the formula perfect.

She didn’t want to use any packaging or preservatives in these lovely scrubs (we’re always raising the bar – so to speak) so Ro had to find a way to get the sugar to stay together. She found that sodium bicarbonate and cream of tartar (basically, baking powder) did the trick. It sounds more like a cake mixture than cosmetic, but it works delightfully well for our Sugar Scrub.

Rub it all over while you’re in the shower to get smooth and bright skin. Sugar is a beautiful and gentle exfoliator that cleanses and removes dead skin leaving your skin heavenly soft. We’ve added stimulating fresh fennel and ginger root to Sugar Scrub, to help smooth out cellulite and bumpy bits. Magnificent!