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What’s a Shower Smoothie?


Shower Smoothies are a creamy, whipped up body wash with decadent ingredients. They are much richer than shower gels, as they include cleansing clays and moisturizing butters, along with fruits, vegetables, flower petals and toning essential oils. Smoothies are wonderful on sensitive skin, as they are both mild and extraordinarily moisturizing. They are also convenient when you’re in a rush, as the butters moisturize and soften your skin while you wash, so there is no need for lotion. One thing we know for sure is that Shower Smoothies make for indulgent, luxurious showers. Rub the soft, creamy soap all over and you won’t want to stop and wash it off! Use them like a shower gel; put a scoop into your loofah and lather up, or simply rub the creamy soap directly onto your skin, then rinse.