Smooth Moves at LUSH

We were the first to do a shaving cream without a surfactant. Yet another LUSH innovation!

We can't really understand why you would want to use a foaming shaving gel. Truly, it baffles us. They're full of skin irritating alcohol, the foaming agents dry out your sensitive skin and they are often grossly over packaged. Switch to a LUSH Shaving Cream instead; we spend your money on the ingredients in the pot, we know from years of experience that all you need is a buttery, thick lotion to help the razor glide over your skin and our creams are specially formulated so you can rub them into your skin once you've finished shaving.

How to use our Shaving Creams: 

Exfoliate first. This will help lift the hairs off your face and make them easier to shave off. Try using BB Seaweed Fresh Face Mask – it’s a gentle exfoliator and will leave your chops feeling lovely and smooth, as well as prevent ingrown hairs. Use hot, soapy water to rinse your razor. A squirt of shower gel while you’re running the taps does the trick. While you’re shaving – remember to take it slow! Don’t rush while shaving and you’ll avoid a face full of toilet roll dots! When you’re finished, rub excess shaving cream into the skin or follow up with a moisturizer.