Spring Cleaning the LUSH Way

 Daffodils are popping up in our backyard and the weather is warming up. That can only mean one thing; spring is here! It’s time for spring cleaning – LUSH style. Winter weather can leave skin dry, flakey and dull, springtime inspires us at LUSH to start washing, scrubbing and buffing our bodies back in to shape.

One of our go-to products for better feeling and looking skin is our best-selling Ocean Salt cleanser, which we use from head to toe. The perfect balance of sea salt and citrus juices scrubs and brightens, but with a healthy dose of fresh coconut and avocado butter, it doesn’t leave your skin dried out. Use it on your face once a week if your skin is on the dry side, more often if it’s oily. Use it on your hands, elbows and feet to see how soft and bright they become.

If your skin needs a supremely moisturizing treatment, try our new Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner. It’s a luxurious rose-scented shower lotion that Ro invented to make skin feel utterly and completely irresistible. Use it in the shower after you’ve soaped up and rinsed off to condition your entire body. With a blend of cocoa butter, cupuacu butter, almond and Argan oils, your skin will be blissfully moisturized and soft.

If your hair is dull, dried out or over-processed, or if your scalp is dry and flakey, try one of our hair treatments. They’re like a nourishing face mask, but for your scalp and mane. Packed with fresh ingredients and designed specifically for a variety of hair types, our hair treatments whip scalps into shape and will have your hair shining and feeling supremely soft.