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Stanislaw Krysztal

The knowledge, passion, and expertise that our founders and product inventors bring to our creative development drives LUSH to create such innovative products. However, we owe a great deal of gratitude to the experts and consultants who helped us grow to where we are today. Stanislaw Kryztal is one of those people.

Stan Krystal taught Mark, Mo, Rowena, and myself. He was a great inventor and teacher working with Mo on the shampoo bar and soap base. It was his experience that helped so much when having spent months working on the pourable soap Mo couldn’t stop it sweating. “Just ignore it”, he said, she did and it has never been a problem since.

Stan learned cosmetic chemistry in 1935 when the Picker family employed him to help them develop American cosmetic ranges in Britain. After three months extra training in the U.S.A. Stan produced face powder, rouge, and little lipsticks from the upper floors of premises in Tabernacle street.

Over the next 40 years Outdoor Girl, Miner’s, Gala, No 17, Mary Quant and Cosmetics a la Carte all benefited from Stan’s skills. He produced the first experience of cosmetics for millions of women as well as developing a large business. This helped Rowena when he taught her how to formulate color cosmetics.

We had been looking for a consultant cosmetic chemist that could cope with our unorthodox style and after a series of false starts, we asked the venerable Mr. Krysztal to visit us. As he walked round the garages and sheds which at the time we called home, he should have laughed. Instead he joined the team. He first thought of pressing the worm-like SLS noodles into a bar. He didn’t know quite what to do with them after that, but that’s where the team came in. That Stan didn’t agree with stupid ideas like retirement was to benefit us for over a decade, and he would have loved LUSH and ‘B Never Too Busy To be Beautiful’ His expertise lives on in so many of the lovely products we make.

We don’t know where in Poland Stan was born, but we do know he studied in Warsaw. He was very proud when as he put it “the Russian empire” came to an end and Poland became a democracy. He would have been elated to see so many of his countrymen now working for the company making tons of the products he helped invent. If Stan taught us lots about cosmetics, his most admirable quality was his attitude – constantly living in the present, looking forward to the future. At 86 he was still travelling widely, building a new lab in his flat and sending us 20 point memos where every point was uncomfortably valid. We still see him as our teacher and are proud of this Polish heritage.