Start off on the Right Foot

We talk a lot about fresh faces here at LUSH, but it’s also important to put your fresh feet forward! Given that the average person walks 4 miles a day and that 25% of the body’s bones are in our feet, it’s no wonder that our soles need extra care.

To keep your feet in good repair throughout the year, soak, exfoliate, moisturize and massage them as often as possible. To soak, fill your bath tub or a basin with warm water. Adding a Bath Bomb with sea salt like Big Blue enriches the experience and helps soften rough skin. Remember, good foot care involves drying your feet thoroughly after every bath or shower.

Once your feet have softened up, exfoliate with a Stepping Stone foot scrub. Its pumice and sea salt scrub away rough spots while nourishing jojoba oil add moisture.

For a true spa experience, follow up with Volcano Foot Mask. Plaster it all over feet then cover them with (recycled) plastic bags. After 10-15 minutes, reveal deodorized, baby soft feet tingling from the cinnamon leaf oil.

To cool things off, apply minty Fair Trade Foot Lotion with arnica infusion to comfort sore feet. Apply right before bed then slip on a pair of cotton socks and awaken to transformed tootsies.

For an extra special touch, apply some Lemony Flutter cuticle butter on your toenails and cuticles to soften and brighten.