The LUSH ‘Dream Team’ of Ingredients


Many people appreciate lavender for its calming and relaxing properties, but did you know that lavender is considered the most versatile essential oil of them all? Naturally antibacterial, lavender oil is obtained from the flowering tops of plants by steam distillation. It is often used in naturopathic medicine to soothe burns, muscular pain, cold sores and insect bites. We use lavender absolute widely across many of our product ranges for its ability to reduce redness soothe dry, sensitive skin.

Found in:
Buffy body butter
French Kiss bubble bar
Therapy massage bar

Oat Infusion

Most of you would sooner associate oats with breakfast than skin care, but we have found oat infusions to be incredibly effective at calming irritated skin. To make our Dream Cream hand and body lotion, we simmer the fine oatmeal in water to produce a rich oat milk. We also add whole oats to our Porridge soap and Cerdiwen’s Cauldron bath melt for gentle exfoliation. Cosmetic and medicinal preparations containing oat extracts have been shown to relieve itchy, irritated skin and to help with allergic reactions due to their antihistamic nature.

Found in:
Porridge hand and body soap
Ceridwen’s Cauldron bath melt

Aloe Vera Extract
Aloe vera is a desert plant belonging to the lily family. A perennial plant, it has sharp, fleshy leaves. The outer leaf encases a clear gel, harvested for its varied properties. Aloe is thought to be one of the oldest known healing remedies, noted for its healing qualities in Egyptian, Roman, Chinese and Greek history. We use aloe vera extract in our Dreamwash shower smoothie and Figs and Leaves soap to soothe itching, reduce redness and soften the skin.

Found in
Dreamwash shower smoothie
Figs & Leaves hand and body soap