Toothy Tabs Revolutionary, Innovative Tooth Cleansing Tabs

Our inventions for oral pleasure are little, solid, unpreserved tabs to clean your teeth – no aluminum or plastic tubes here. Just think what we’ll all be saving from going to landfill! You can rely on our amazing LUSH inventors to come up with a way to make your toothpaste interesting again!

Think about it - peppermint toothpaste is the perfect cosmetic product. We all use it, at least twice a day. It’s a habit. The Toothy Tabs are perfectly palatable, effective, unpreserved, cleansing solid toothpaste and come in a variety of fantastic and unique flavor combinations that will make you think twice about using your regular toothpaste.

The Toothy Tabs are very straightforward to use. Simply pop one in your mouth, crush it up between your teeth and then start brushing. Instantly the mixture in your mouth will start to foam like “normal” toothpaste. Once you’ve finished brushing your pegs, rinse your mouth out and you’re done! Sparkly, clean gnashers, and sweetly perfumed breath! Look in the mirror and give yourself a big cheesy grin.