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Touch Me All Over

It may seem like old news by now, but the concept of solid massage bars were another LUSH first. In fact, LUSH founder and product developer Mark Constantine has said that the invention of solid massage bars is his proudest product development to date. It may have helped that the idea came to Mark while he was riding his bike to the shop to pick up some chocolate (it’s official – innovation is fueled by sweets).

Solid products are a huge focus for LUSH. The creation of solid alternatives allows us to minimize, and in some cases, completely avoid the use of preservatives. Up to 67% of LUSH products are preservative free which means 100% of the product will be beneficial for your body. In a product meant to stimulate circulation by touch and essential oils, avoiding preservatives has instant benefits. Skin is the body’s largest organ, making up 15% of body weight, and 21 square feet of surface area. Applying pure ingredients to this vital organ helps to maintain your skin and all of the many nerve endings that respond to the power of touch.

A great alternative to messy massage oil, massage bars are easy to use and are made with such as cocoa butter, shea butter, mango kernel butter and avocado butter help promote elasticity which is excellent for reducing the appearance of stretch marks. In addition to the carefully chosen essential oils and butters, some of our massage bars have delicious ingredients such as honey, and chocolate. Glide the bar against your skin and the butters will start to slowly melt with the heat of your skin, leaving your body soft and ready to be kneaded, stroked, and nuzzled.

Massage, also known as bodywork, is the manipulation of muscles and other soft tissues for the relief of various conditions and has been long considered beneficial for good health. Whether you massage the soft tissues of the body with your hands, elbows or knuckles, the therapeutic effects of massage help to relieve stress, manage pain, and improve circulation. And, because touch is such an integral element of nonverbal communication, massage is an excellent way to bond and create intimacy. What better reason to take off all of your clothes and touch each other?