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Sep 09.29

Uncovered: We've Got Sex Appeal

Posted In: Tips and Tricks >> LUSH Facts

Who doesn’t want sex appeal? If cars and gadgets (even refrigerators, but we think it’s what’s inside that counts), flaunt their curves and sex appeal, what person wouldn’t want to be desired too?









We live in a social culture and it's natural to covet the power to interest, and attract others. Various studies suggest that very few animals apart from humans partake in sexual activity for any reason than reproduction. They don’t know what they’re missing. Some mating behaviors are born into us as part of our genetic makeup but the depth of our sexual activity means that we are attracted to our mates for a variety of reasons.

Sexual attraction is largely based on the senses- looks, smells and sounds. We can’t all look, smell, and sound exactly the same, and everyone is attracted to different features anyway- why try to look exactly the same as someone else? Marilyn Monroe is still regarded as one of the sexiest women ever, but not every Norma Jean can, or should be a Marilyn.

In fact, the effect of pleasant fragrances and smell make women and men more attractive to potential partners more than any other sense. If you’re trying to attract a mate or tantalize an existing one, you may want to try using aphrodisiacs. Named after Aphrodite, (the Greek goddess of sexual love and beauty), aphrodisiacs act on the mind to increase sexual desire.

Expensive and very rare, jasmine has been used as an aphrodisiac for hundreds of years in India. The sensual effects have not gone unnoticed at LUSH and we often use jasmine in many of our products, most notably in Sex Bomb. In Sex Bomb the jasmine is quite subtle as it is paired with clary sage and ylang ylang, (also aphrodisiacs- a triple whammy!), but in products like Flying Fox the Jasmine is more pronounced. Speaking from experience and feedback from customers, Flying Fox scented products, including the Godiva shampoo bar, are very powerful tools of persuasion.

A rose by any other name would still be an aphrodisiac. Rose oil is well known for its effects of creating feelings of love and well being, and it is said that Cleopatra used to take a bath with milk and rose petals. If you like the idea of bathing and seducing like Cleopatra (or even Elizabeth Taylor), try using a Ceridwen’s Cauldron or a Tisty Tosty to cast a magic spell on your lover.

Spices have long been associated with raising heart rates similar to the physiological effects experienced during sex. Stimulating and warming, cinnamon and ginger essential oils will definitely bring the sexy back. Follow extreme physical and strenuous activity with a Wiccy Magic Muscles massage bar and you’ll be left wanting more….

Some may suggest that peeling it all off is the quickest way to Sexy Peel and we’d have to agree. With such an abundance of grapefruit, lemon, and lime juices and topped with fresh fruit peelings your skin will be sexy in no time. While it can be argued that evenings are the sexiest time of day- why wait all day when you can wake up with sex appeal? Even better? Sharing a shower with Sexy Peel. We’ll leave the rest to your imaginations.