What is Retro LUSH?

We launched Retro LUSH in 2003 at the insistence of our lovely LUSH forum customers. You see, every time our inventors create a fabulous new product, we have to make room for it in our stores by retiring one of our other well-loved products.

Our customers begged and pleaded for their can’t-live-without-them products and we couldn’t bear breaking our customer’s hearts any longer! We decided to create a special section on our website where they could buy their favorites. We make Retro products in small batches so they’re as fresh as possible when they arrive at your door step. Since we only make Retro to order, each one is special- made by us just for you! We’ve featured three of our most lusted after Retro products below. To see even more Retro, visit the Retro tab at the top of your browser.