Winter Skincare for Hands & Feet

When the weather turns frosty, we tend to spend loads of time warming up indoors. While it may get rid of your shivers, intense heat can actually dry your skin out. So it’s extra important to take care of exposed areas like hands and feet in wintertime.

At LUSH, we have a fantastic range of skincare made with softening organic butters, warming essential oils and fresh fruits and vegetables. If your mitts are feeling overworked, wash with a chunk of our Figs and Leaves soap, made with orange blossom absolute to soothe and moisturize. Follow up with Handy Gurugu hand cream for a helping of freshly mashed pumpkin seed, almond and shea butters to keep your digits free of winter dryness.

Don’t forget your toes- indulge in a luxurious Fizzbanger foot bath to banish the chill, then massage in a dollop of our ultra moisturizing Fair Trade Foot Cream, made with peppermint and arnica to soothe sore muscles.