Winterize Your Skin With Toners


We tend to take our skin for granted throughout the warmer months, and then winter hits and we're reminded of what the weather can do to our faces! Give your skin a little extra TLC with a vitamin packed toner. Simply spritz directly on your face before applying your moisturizer for weatherproof skin all season long.

You can use our Toner Waters in a variety of ways – to refresh the skin while you’re out and about, to cleanse at bedtime if you’re in a rush to hop in the sack (!), to remove any excess cleanser after your skincare regime, or simply to prep your skin before applying your moisturizer.

Once you’ve finished up your bottle, save it for when you try a Steamer Tab. Once you’ve steamed your face with one, you can save the water, keep it in the fridge, and use it as toner for about a week.