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Often imitated but never duplicated, Bath Bombs are an original LUSH invention. Drop your favorite sphere in the tub for a fragrant, fizzy bath! Browse Range

Crumble one of our preservative-free bubble bars under running water for masses of gorgeous, frothy bubbles. Browse Range

We don't call them luxury for nothing! Each melt is made with rich butters and beautiful essential oils to take you far, far away... Browse Range

Treat your kids and your inner child to some well-deserved playtime with our multi-purpose moldable soap, FUN. Browse Range

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You can do it standing up, or you can do it sitting down but when you’re dirty no one else makes cleaning up more fun than LUSH. Bathing doesn’t need to be boring when you can choose from some of our finest inventions – Bath Bombs, Bubble Bar Slices, Bath Melts, and our collection of rather sensual soap. Yes, we even make soap sexy. Once you go LUSH, you never go back.