Rub Me Up The Right Way

Each recycled black pot is packed with fresh ingredients like mashed bananas and fresh kiwis to soften every bit of your body! Browse Range

Get naked, hop in the shower, and give yourself a serious rub down with one of our preservative-free body butters. Browse Range

Lavish that handsome face with our foam-free shaving creams for the smoothest, closest shave you've ever experienced. Browse Range

Our cleansers are gentle, effective and made with the freshest possible ingredients. Wash away dirt, oil and even make-up to leave your skin soft and healthy. Browse Range

Massage your mitts with our rich, buttery hand and cuticle creams. High-fives for soft hands! Browse Range

Our feet do all the grunt work; give them the attention they deserve by lavishing your soles in soothing ingredients. Browse Range

Our solid cocoa and shea butter bars melt at body temperature for a magnificent massage. Browse Range

Give your gams a faux glow with moisturizing butters and shimmering pigments. Browse Range

Sweat happens. Treat your 'pits to the odor-vanquishing power of antibacterial essential oils and feel fresh, sans aluminum. Browse Range

Dust your naked body in skin-softening powders and beautiful fragrance, just like Marie Antoinette used to do. Browse Range

Guys, we've created a special section just for you. Shaving creams, shower gel, soap and more. Go forth and conquer your cosmetic needs! Browse Range

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Skin is the largest organ in the human body and yet you probably spend more time considering the health of your liver than you do your skin. Take off your clothes and stand in front of a mirror – keep your eyes open! See all of that, all those bits? You need to take care of it and we make it easy for you. Creams and lotions, cleansers, toners and moisturizers, buffs and scrubs, deodorizes and powders for top to bottom (we mean that literally). You can tuck and twist all you like, but you’ve only got one shot at it so do it right.