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(you won’t find a better smelling factory)

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What we do...

Our manufacturing employees create fabulous, top quality LUSH products in our Rooms, ensuring they get to the stores ready for eager customers and shop staff. Each LUSH Manufacturing “Room” is responsible for a specific product line. As a LUSH room employee, you must possess a genuine love of our products and a desire to take a hands–on approach to our handmade products. It’s kind of like working in a giant kitchen: fresh fruit, barrels of lavender water and seaweed, shelves of essential oils. We promise you won’t find a better smelling factory.

Who we are...

LUSH Manufacturing is unique in that our compounders achieve celebrity status with our shop customers and staff. All you have to do is pick up a LUSH product in one of our stores to see the smiling faces of our factory employee’s face sticker, a way we like to recognize and reward our top compounders. We're not sure you could find the name and picture of the person that handmade that other soap in your bathroom...

What we offer...

There are generally five positions in the LUSH Rooms: Room Manager, Manager–in–Training, Compounder, Team Lead, and Production Assistant. Manufacturing and Distribution facilities are located in Vancouver, BC and Etobicoke, ON. The development program at our manufacturing facility creates mini–management teams and the ability to grow both as a leader and to diversify in compounding by moving Room to Room. We also have support positions in Buying, Forecasting, Training, and Finance. There are also endless possibilities for advancement within LUSH's ever–growing business, and unique experiences not found with any other manufacturer!

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Retail Shops

(we believe that growth comes from learning and sharing)

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What we do...

Our Shop employees bring LUSH products to life by listening to their customers needs and demonstrating our products right there in the store. Our Retail Division at LUSH North America is structured differently from our competitors; we believe that our front line employees deserve support that comes from the bottom rather than the top, a concept of lifting you up instead of putting you down. We believe that growth comes from learning and sharing best practices – building bridges instead of climbing ladders – to make your business successful.

Who we are...

Whether we're helping customers meet their skin or hair care needs, or working to make a difference in the communities where we live and work, LUSH is committed to having a positive impact in people's lives. We feel good about working here because LUSH supports beauty without cruelty by not testing on animals. LUSH will not do business with any supplier that is engaged in animal testing for any purpose, be they cosmetic, food, pharmaceutical, etc. We feel so strongly about this issue that we refuse to work with suppliers that provide raw materials tested on animals to businesses other than our own. We also really like our Charity Pot Program, Green Policy and Ethical Campaigns.

What we offer...

There are four positions in the LUSH Shop: Shop Manager, Manager–in–Training (for mid–high volume shops), Floor Leader, and Sales Ambassador. We work hard to bring the best experience to both our customers and employees. We're valued by offering competitive wages, an unbelievable bonus scheme, comprehensive health and dental benefits for management, not to mention an amazing discount program (50% retail). There are also endless possibilities for advancement within LUSH's ever–growing business, our retail shops are supported by our Retail Support Team, a group of highly–skilled former Shop Managers dedicated to improving the retail business in a variety of capacities across North America. We only staff these positions from within our store base and they include: Recruiting, Training, New Shop Opening, and Sales Support. It’s important to our retail business that we grow from within and everyone has the experience of working in a shop.

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Head Office

(we all pitch in and contribute our piece to every big idea)

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What we do...

What don’t we do would be a better question. At Head Office we all pitch in and contribute our piece to every big idea. Teams get together once a week to discuss new product launches, new store openings, upcoming events, windows, campaigns, and contests; everyone is invited to contribute their ideas, comment on window designs, or new product prices – every opinion is valued. We leave with a big to–do list to take back to our teams: supplies have to be ordered, designs re–done, text written, communication put together, more people involved and it's all due... yesterday.

LUSH North America’s Head Office is located in Vancouver, Canada, where we conduct the majority of our operations in–house including:

  • Marketing, Web, Content , Copy and Graphics
  • Finance, IT, HR and Retail Support
  • Mail Order and Customer Care
  • Shop Design, Construction, Merchandising and Windows
  • Manufacturing and Distribution

In addition to our Head Office in Vancouver, we have a Manufacturing and Distribution Center in Etobicoke, Ontario and a PR Office in New York, USA.

Who we are...

We are a small group of talented, dedicated and fast–paced individuals that thrive in a collaborative work environment and can move from one project or decision to the next quickly, and without looking back. Our teams are unique, as many of us started in the retail shops or Manufacturing before coming to our head office roles, so we have an understanding of the business and the brand on the front lines. We are passionate about our products and ethical messages, and in using our retail stores and website to promote the causes dear to our hearts.

What we offer...

The different teams generally hire a combination of external talent and LUSH–grown internals, because there is so much collaboration between departments, it isn’t uncommon for employees to make lateral moves across the business and participate in projects outside their usual realms of responsibility. It’s a dynamic group environment for creative individuals who can’t really picture themselves in a ‘typical’ office. We dress casually and bring our dogs to work, and get to collaborate internationally on concepts and brand initiatives.

We make everything by hand...

Something that has followed me through Manufacturing is the question, 'Would I buy this?' Being handmade, LUSH products maintain an element of uniqueness with every batch, but if I can honestly answer, 'Yes, I would buy this product,' then I know it has met the quality that I was trained to sell to customers.

Karla Kaip Gift Room Manager, Toronto

It sounds like a little thing, but knowing what's in your product and where it came from, and who made isn't that obvious in today's retail market. At LUSH, we can be proud of what we make and sell because we know the ingredients are the best, and ethically sourced. We know the products are made in Canada by well-paid adults, and delivered to and sold by shop associates who are proud to be a part of this cycle, and excited to bring the customer into it as well.

We don't have to leave our ethics at the door...

I count my lucky stars that I get to work for a company that is so adamant its animal testing policy, and that animal welfare just isn't important to me, but all my coworkers as well!

Emily Burke Manufacturing Brand Trainer, Vancouver

For those of us that value animal welfare, LUSH is a natural and inspirational place to work because everyone is involved in this issue in their own way. For some, our fight against animal testing is THE reason they work here. For others, it's the mostly vegan lifestyle that we encourage by making and selling 97% vegan products. In addition to our product range, we also actively campaign for animal rights, and donate generously to various animal preservation organizations, many of which were suggested by our own passionate employees.

We are retailers and activists...

LUSH's passion for making the world a better place through campaigns on a variety of important topics is why I love this company so much. Being in public relations for a campaigning company can be a challenge at times, but my job is much more rewarding working for a company who not only has amazing products, but holds true to their ethics and beliefs throughout every aspect of the brand. I'm excited and proud to come to work every day knowing I'm making a difference.

Courtney McGeever Canadian Media Relations, New York

We are often questioned about our activism: why not stick to just selling soap the way other retailers sell their products? Why align ourselves politically and ethically to certain causes that may alienate us from potential customers and possibly lose us sales? We do it because we believe it's the right thing to do, but we also do it for our employees, to feel engaged and excited in an industry that is more than just about the bottom line. Our Freedom to Marry Campaign in 2011 was based on an employee survey asking them what issues were most important to THEM. Equal rights for same sex couples in the US was at the top of the list, and LUSH rallied around their staff to support a controversial issue because what is important to our staff, is important to LUSH. The pictures that supported the campaign were all of our staff and their partners, and the Canadian shops ran the campaign as well in support of their US colleagues. We are proud to continue to support our employees in their fight for equal rights.

We are getting greener everyday...

After being in the shop once I knew I wanted to work for LUSH because they make the environment a part of their core ethics. We don't just market that we have "green" items, we make the environment a part of who we are and take sustainable growth seriously.

Amanda Provenzano Retail Green Steward Armitage Shop, Chicago

LUSH recognizes that being ‘green’ is a journey, not a destination. We welcome and encourage all employees who are passionate about the environment to contribute their ideas and talents to our Green Team to constantly help us improve our green practices across the business. Whether it's recycling and composting at the shop, or buying post-consumer plastic pots, or finding a way to make our aprons from tablecloth cut-offs, LUSH employees are dedicated to making a minimal impact on the environment.

We have a passion for giving...

I love working for a company who is not afraid to be who they say they are. We believe in equal rights for all people, all animals, and the environment, and LUSH loves being able to support small grassroots organizations that feel the same way. But, it goes beyond that. I've witnessed, first hand, the love that LUSH has for the people that work here...at all levels and it makes me so proud to be a part of a company that is willing to give so much back.

Michelle Jones Shop Manager at Oak Park Mall, Kansas

Our Charity Pot and Charitable Givings program is different than every other corporate giving program out there because the grassroots and local community organizations we support were nominated by our employees and customers. So you know you're supporting something close to the heart of your fellow employees and shoppers. We also donate 100% of the price of the Charity Pot to the program - not a percentage, not just the proceeds, but every single penny you pay for the product goes directly to charity. It’s pretty easy to get excited about.

We are family owned and operated...

As a recruiter for LUSH, I get to share my love for LUSH as a larger family-owned retailer who believes in their employees and their personal growth and success. LUSH is truly a family, and unlike other cosmetics companies, we will forever be family owned and operated.

Heather Mayfield Talent Resource Manager, Ottawa

In interviews with potential employees we often hear the same story about how they were with a great company that was then bought up by a big, no-so-great company, and they suddenly went from feeling like a person with a purpose to a number with a paycheck. While LUSH continues to expand and grow, we remain privately owned and operated by our original founders and their families, who remain as creative and active in the business as they were in 1995. We continue to leave doors open, minimize unnecessary managerial levels, and solicit ideas from our employees.

We are innovative and entrepreneurial...

I try to hire people that can think outside of the box and bring something new and different to the company. No matter what team you work for, you get a lot of autonomy to make your own decisions, so having an entrepreneurial attitude is key.

Lindsey Wilcox VanSon Talent Resource Manager, California

Employees at LUSH are most successful if they are hardworking, creative, flexible, and diverse in their skill sets. We don’t have a lot of boxes to fit people into at LUSH; we all have to be willing to pick up a shovel, towel, compost bin, mop, or laptop and do whatever is needed to help drive the business forward. We encourage our employees at every level to think big picture and reach out to their colleagues for what they need to make their piece of the business successful.

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