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Growing a resilient movement by empowering youth as leaders and amplifying their voice.

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Generation RYSE (Rising Youth for a Sustainable Earth) is a campaign of large-scale youth empowerment, aiming to train youth to become climate leaders and empowering them to lead trainings, rallies, and solutions-based projects in their own communities. RYSE creates an exponentially growing number of youth solutionaries promoting environmental and social justice in their communities and creating a network of young leaders to support and collaborate with each other. In 2015, the RYSE Youth Council will train and empower more than 500 youth!

RYSE! from JohnWolfstone on Vimeo.

How We Helped

Charity Pot’s grant will help cover the cost of resources and venue rentals for RYSE solution activation trainings conducted by the RYSE Youth Council. Trainings are already planned for Taos, Boulder, San Francisco, and New York City, and the Lush grant will allow us to conduct these trainings and at least five more to ultimately train 500 young solutionaries in 2015.