Soften, hydrate and scent those luscious locks with our lovely plant-based conditioners.

We have an impressive collection of conditioners from the light to the heavy. These little beauties are very effective indeed. Choose from our lovely plant-based conditioners carefully (vegans we have some for you too!) and try to resist the temptation of conditioning just for the intoxicating scents alone. Too little won't achieve anything, too much and your hair will fall into a deep sleep. Get it just right and every day will be a good hair day.


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American Cream


Strawberry and vanilla conditioner for soft, yummy smelling locks

3.3 fl. Oz.
8.4 fl. Oz
16.9 fl. Oz.
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Our richest conditioner for hair in need of a multivitamin

8.4 fl. oz.
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