Hellstone - Art Print


Hellstone - Art Print
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Limited Edition Art Print

The Devil, in his rage, upturned a vast stone and hurled it, the sky trembling at his wrath. Where the stone fell, the earth cracked open, leaving a ragged scar. A looming monolith remains that outlasts all that come to marvel at its monstrosity. Plastic Crimewave’s illustration of this chaotic scene shows a rich red-colored devil against a somber grey sky, a boulder being cast from his hand. Dark and ominous, this Hellstone art print serves to remind its viewers of mysterious and powerful forces.

Hang this 18 X 25” art print in your home.


  • Limited Edition: There are only 104 prints of Hellstone; each one uniquely hand-numbered.
  • Specifications: Hellstone art print is 18 X 24” and is printed on 100% cotton-fiber acid-free Stonehenge paper.
  • For lovers of lore : The Hellstone is located in Dorset, UK. Legend says it was hurled there by the Devil himself.

How to use

Art prints arrive rolled up, wrapped and tied with a card telling the story behind the perfume. Hang on your wall as is, or frame it for displaying.

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