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Massage Bar Tin

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For when things get melty…

This little tin can come in handy when storing your massage bars. It's the same shape as most of our bars, and we can always squish in the ones that are of odd shapes once they're worn down a little. Anyways, best have at least one of these on hand to put your bar down in when your massage really starts to heat up. Wouldn't want to melt a bar in the sheets now would you?

How to use

This tin keeps bars clean, comfortable and travel-ready. LUSH massage bar tins also hold our facial cleansers and other minimally packaged goodies.


Going away on a romantic weekend? Be sure to pack your massage bar away in one of these tins!

Double duty : Reuse your tin to store jewelry, spare change or snacks!

Protect your sheets: No one wants the dreaded massage oil stain on their sheets! Store your massage bar in this tin when not in use.

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