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Shimmy Shimmy

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Size: 1 oz.


Solid body lotion with a hint of shimmer

The flirty extrovert of our Solid Body Tint range, Shimmy Shimmy leaves you with sexy, glowing skin. It's shaped like a heart and smells rather beautifully of vanilla and lavender, with a hint of herbal clary sage – just the thing to get hearts racing indeed. The real attraction is the way it makes your skin shine. The skin softening butters help the glitter stick for a very subtle, but ever so effective shimmer, giving your skin a pinky-bronze glow that lights up your skin, (and if you’re lucky, your nights).

How to use

Rub on pulse points, shoulders and anywhere you want extra moisture, softness and sparkle. Sparkle bars are designed to melt at body temperature, so be sure to keep them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

How to use image How to use

Get your shimmer on: For a subtle, sexy sparkle – perfect for dancing on bars and doing the conga.

Best-selling fragrance: Smells like our American Cream conditioner with vanilla, lavender and clary sage oils.

Not just a pretty scent: Lavender oil is incredibly soothing, antiseptic, antibacterial, deodorizing and relaxing.

Fresh ingredients


Fresh ingredients

Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter (Theobroma Cacao) linkHolder, Calcium Sodium Borosilicate linkHolder, Shea Butter (Butyrospermum parkii) linkHolder, Fragrance linkHolder, Titanium Dioxide linkHolder, Fair Trade Vanilla Absolute (Vanilla Planifolia) linkHolder, Clary Sage Oil (Salvia sclarea) linkHolder, Lavender Oil (Lavandula augustifolia) linkHolder, Benzoin Resinoid (Styrax tonkinensis pierre) linkHolder, Tin Oxide linkHolder, *Linalool linkHolder, Coumarin linkHolder . *Occurs naturally in essential oils

Natural ingredients

Safe synthetics

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