Solid Body Tints

Give your gams a faux glow with moisturizing butters and shimmering pigments.

We love bathing, bubbling, hennaing and shimmering in all shades of color at LUSH. We invented our Solid Body Tints and Shimmy Shimmy to conjure up old Hollywood glamour without the time commitment (or skin damage) of tanning. Melt one of our solid cocoa butter based tints all over your skin for just a subtle hint of color or shimmery glitter, evening out your skin tone to leave you effortlessly beautiful and glowing.

Solid Body Tints

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Black Stockings

Solid Body Tint

Solid body tint to make darker skin tanned and glowing

  • This product does not contain animal products of any kind.
  • This product may melt if shipped to a warm location.
1.0 oz
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